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What you can expect as a team member:

Life and work balance. We know that your life involves much more than the time you spend on the job. You have kids to care for, volunteer activities, vacations to take, school meetings and hobbies of your own. We totally understand that and encourage our team members to maintain a healthy balance of personal life and work. Your state of mind and family come first.

Room to grow. Gainwell will work to ensure all team members have access to the tools and training needed to most effectively perform their roles, as well as online training to get the most from basic systems we use regularly. We are committed to reskilling and upskilling employees on a regular basis to help employees stay up to date with current market trends.

A team approach. Nothing is stronger than a team of people focused on achieving the same objectives. We encourage teamwork and collaboration among our employees to share knowledge, ideas and best practices — and to work together to achieve Gainwell’s vision for the company and you as individuals.

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