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Full-Stack Azure Application Architect - Remote

Date: Oct 13, 2021

Location: Any city, TX, US, 99999 Any city, NY, US, 99999 Any city, PA, US, 99999 Any city, ND, US, 99999 Any city, NJ, US, 99999 Any city, IL, US, 99999 Any city, DC, US, 99999 Any city, ID, US, 99999 Any city, CT, US, 99999 Any city, LA, US, 99999 Any city, OH, US, 99999 Any city, ME, US, 99999 Any city, AR, US, 99999 Any city, GA, US, 99999 Any city, OR, US, 99999 Any city, DE, US, 99999 Any city, FL, US, 99999 Any city, MD, US, 99999 Any city, NH, US, 99999 Any city, WA, US, 99999 Any city, OK, US, 99999 Any city, CA, US, 99999 Any city, NC, US, 99999 Any city, SC, US, 99999 Any city, FL, US, 99999

Company: Gainwell Technologies LLC

Provides architectural oversight for the development of highly complex new and/or enhanced applications or products. Integrates components built by application developers and/or programmers as needed. Provides technical advice to other departments within the company.


Essential Job Functions

  • Reviews and conducts technical research, testing, evaluation and documentation of complex hosting/configuration tools and methodologies to ensure that tools are current and functional.
  • Creates complex application architectures and populates an application host/configuration matrix with appropriate strategies, timelines and cost information to increase cost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Coordinates with application developers, managers and customer application experts to ensure that required features and modifications are included in the appropriates releases to support cross-product features and to communicate architectural designs and standards.
  • Develops and designs complex multi-tier web applications; determines project requirements and functional specifications to ensure that client specifications are met.
  • Defines and approves application standards and specifications; provides oversight for definition of product content to ensure that appropriate parties are kept informed of client and company requirements and policies.
  • Designs application modules that work together to produce desired product. Ensures that completed modules provide functionality described by application experts and to ensure that performance guidelines are met.
  • Plans technical support infrastructure through the creation of service level agreements; leads the transition from application development to support to ensure that appropriate support is available to clients in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Provides analysis and design reviews to other department members to avoid duplication of effort in solving the same application problems with different products.
  • Works with product development teams and senior designers on complex projects to develop architectural requirements to ensure client satisfaction with product. Works with third party vendors to develop software and/or integrate their software into company products.
  • Evaluates new technologies and software products to determine feasibility and desirability of incorporating their capabilities into company products. Acts a liaison between third party vendors and company to procure, develop and/or integrate their applications into company products and to ensure that applications are in accordance with company product standards and guidelines.
  • May provide leadership and work guidance to less experienced personnel.


Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Bachelor's degree in business, software engineering, computer sciences or related field preferred
  • Twelve or more years of application architecture and/or product development experience
  • Experience working with software systems, applications, and network markets
  • Experience working with technical products, vendors, and families of technologies and company hardware and software products
  • Experience working with broad business area and knowledge of competitor products and services
  • Experience working with application design principles and product configurations
  • Experience working with appropriate programming languages, operating systems, hardware, and software to understand product line software and hardware
  • Experience working with mainframes, scheduling software, and other related technologies
  • Experience working with software development life cycle and client requirements
  • Experience with Microsoft technologies, Cloud, pub/sub frameworks (Publish/Subscribe pattern), Full-Stack Architecture for Azure


Other Qualifications

  • Strong personal computer and business solutions software skills
  • Strong skills in application administration, design, and architecture
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills for design, coordination and testing of applications
  • Leadership skills to guide and mentor the work of less experienced personnel
  • Good communication skills to communicate with customers, support personnel, application development personnel and management
  • Good interpersonal skills for communicating with business unit personnel, customers and vendors
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to create and maintain formal and informal networks
  • Ability to work with relational databases


Work Environment

  • Office environment
  • Remote Work may be consider
  • Other US locations may be consider