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Document Application Manager

Date: Oct 13, 2021

Location: Any city, TX, US, 99999 Any city, MD, US, 99999 Any city, DE, US, 99999 Any city, LA, US, 99999 Any city, NC, US, 99999 Any city, GA, US, 99999 Any city, NJ, US, 99999 Any city, CA, US, 99999 Any city, FL, US, 99999 Any city, OK, US, 99999 Any city, AR, US, 99999 Any city, PA, US, 99999 Any city, FL, US, 99999 Any city, IL, US, 99999 Any city, CT, US, 99999 Any city, WA, US, 99999 Any city, OH, US, 99999 Any city, OR, US, 99999 Any city, NH, US, 99999

Company: Gainwell Technologies LLC

The Document Manager position is responsible for the overall operations of the documentation department of an organization. Their duties include directing the completion of documentation for software applications, developing standardized documentation tools and methods, editing projects, and authorizing final approvals. They set key metrics and manage staff's performance, track departmental milestones, and ensure goals are within budget and timeline.


Essential Job Functions

  • Develop the document management plan and update it, as needed
  • Manage software documentation through the document life cycle
  • Maintain software documents and the document management system
  • Identify and investigate the need for documents of various types
  • Ensure that software documents go through a documented and approved review-and-approval process before being distributed
  • Ensure that internal controls are in place and are functional
  • Ensure the security, accessibility, and proper distribution of software documents
  • Help develop and enforce documentation design, review, and storage guidelines
  • Plan and conduct meetings and presentations related to document management

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in a program related to information technology/computer science, or equivalent experience
  • At least 8 years’ experience in IT operations
  • At least 2 years of experience in technical writing of documentation, with subject matter familiarity of healthcare, specifically Medicaid
  • Proven experience in designing and implementing corporate training programs
  • Skilled at maintaining content within an LMS
  • Experience reporting on transcripts/learning progress for a team
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences

Other Qualifications

  • Good leadership skills to coordinate, oversee, develop, and lead team members
  • Strong communication skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills for interacting with team members and clients
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong organization and time management skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

Work Environment

  • Remote Work
  • Other US location may be considered