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Date: Nov 13, 2021

Location: Any city, TX, US, 99999

Company: Gainwell Technologies LLC

 Drives strategies to guide the conduct of global cash management transactions, cash operations activities, reporting, and borrowing/investing activities to the company's financial advantage. Develops and manages strategies, policies, operations and budget relating to treasury activities to ensure the maintenance of corporate liquidity and financial stability. Builds and maintains a sustainable cash flow optimization strategy through an enterprise-wide approach that involves process alignment, consistent policies and procedures and on-going monitoring. Directs the organization and performance of global functional areas and the activities of directors and senior managers. Establishes directives to ensure compliance with procedures, practices, and policies. Directs the execution of foreign exchange coverage through commercial and/or investment banks. Establishes and communicates investment guidelines used to manage the investment process of excess company funds and subsidiaries. Directs and oversees the analytical support to special capital markets related projects (funding, equity derivatives, etc.) to assess options, create alternatives and recommend appropriate courses of action. Recommends plans to mitigate risk issues to senior leadership and oversees implementation of plans.

Essential Job Functions

  • Develops and implements strategies to mitigate risk in highly complex foreign exchange exposure. Partners with executive management to determine optimum investment portfolio structure and strategies for each entity and each investment portfolio. Evaluates and approves highly complex alternative hedging strategies and/or instruments such as forwards, currency swaps, options, etc. Directs the execution of foreign exchange coverage through commercial and/or investment banks. Oversees the maintenance and development of systems and procedures to enhance investment/foreign exchange management.
  • Oversees operations to ensure compliance with all applicable local/country regulations including SEC requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Collaborates with senior management to analyze, determine, and implement optimum capital market transactions in support of the company's share repurchase program, capital structuring and financing transactions.
  • Collaborates with executive management to analyze and oversee implementation of highly complex funding/investment and interest rate risk management products. Develops and oversees strategies to manage the investment process of excess company funds and subsidiaries, according to approved investment guidelines. Oversees reporting and report creation.
  • Devises strategies and oversees the analytical support for special capital markets related projects (funding, equity derivatives, etc.) to assess options, create alternatives and determine appropriate courses of action.
  • Develops strategies for and designs process utilization and development of treasury systems to provide relevant information on investments, hedge positions or other vehicles to senior management.
  • Develop and implement cash management operational strategies to optimize banking services, assure best practices and optimize banking pricing. Develops relationships with banking institutions.
  • Analyzes periodic consolidated counterparty credit risk reports. Identifies key performance metrics and benchmarking data to help identify potential problems. Collaborates with executive leadership to determine and implement optimal strategies to consolidate exposures across investment portfolio, banking, credit lines, and contracts for senior management reporting.
  • Develops financial models and forecasts and drives strategic decision making using appropriate financial analysis. Analyzes periodic summaries of performance results and key attribution measurements and monitors compliance to investment policies.
  • Oversees forecasting of premium rates, funding rates for pension scenarios, asset liability modeling, product development, and profit testing in order to predict future liabilities.
  • Oversees staff providing data and information to appropriate public agencies or agents regarding liability or regulatory compliances.
  • Directs the overall personnel activity of the unit which may include directors and senior and specialized personnel. Ensures resources are properly allocated. Maintains open communication between employees and management, with direct intervention as appropriate.
  • Directs, manages, develops and oversees budget; ensures activities are appropriately funded, coordinated and managed according to the guidelines/constraints of resource allocations. Oversees and manages department related expenditures. Balances cost saving measures with needs of entire treasury organization

Basic Qualifications

  • Master's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Master's degree in business administration, finance, accounting, or related field preferred
  • Fifteen or more years of finance or accounting experience
  • Fifteen or more years in a supervisory or management capacity included
  • Experience working with statistics
  • Experience working with company financial activities, legal policies and corporate law
  • Experience working with cash management and utilization processes; and experience working with the investment industry, related financial markets and institutions
  • Experience working with financial operations concepts, practices, procedures and financial software
  • Experience working with compliance-related guidelines, laws and regulations

Other Qualifications

  • Strong strategic management, planning, change management, and analytical skills with proven experience in orchestrating change in complex organizations
  • Strong comprehension skills for understanding needs and concerns and developing and applying solutions
  • Strong interpersonal and influential skills to cultivate relationships, facilitate negotiations, and build partnerships with customers and key stakeholders
  • Strong innovation skills to customize or implement solutions to problems and craft new solutions in creative ways
  • Strong implementation skills to ensure programs and policies support business objectives and initiatives
  • Strong human relations skills to select, develop, coach, mentor, discipline and reward employees
  • Analytical orientation with strong ability to develop and use metrics to make the business case for programs, align strategy with corporate goals and assess and justify the performance of programs
  • Ability to use insight of the organization's internal and the external business environment to improve outcomes that affect business unit performance
  • Ability to publicly represent company with internal and external clients in sensitive and highly visible circumstances

Work Environment

  • Office environment