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PBM Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and DUR Board Pharmacist

Date: Sep 27, 2021

Location: Conway, AR, US, 72034-9501

Company: Gainwell Technologies LLC

As a part of the Gainwell clinical pharmacy group, the P&T Committee/DUR Board Meeting pharmacist will be the primary point of contact in organizing, preparing, and running the various meetings for Gainwell accounts where we provide these services.  Administering oversight to these meeting with the understanding that a State P&T or DUR Board is made up of a voluntary group of physicians, pharmacists, and community members to advise the State’s Health Authority on development and application of criteria and standards to be used in retrospective and prospective drug use review and safety edit programs, including drug prior authorizations, in a manner that ensures that such criteria and standards are based on compendia, relevant guidelines obtained from professional groups through consensus-driven processes, the experience of practitioners with expertise in drug therapy, data and experience obtained from drug utilization review program operations.

Job Functions:

  • Develop P&T Committee and DUR Board meeting operating policies and procedures.
  • Assure that P&T Committee and/or DUR Board meetings are scheduled in compliance with each States rules and regulations.
  • Develop all P&T and/or DUR Board meeting notices, agendas, documents, and forms.  Post draft documents for review prior to each meeting in accordance with State rules.
  • Gather written public comment and requests for verbal public comments and incorporate into the meeting agenda and documents.
  • Assure all potential initial committee members, staff members and consultants, future applicants, expert or peer reviewers, and ad-hoc medical experts selected for individual P&T Committee meetings are subject to the Conflict of Interest disclosure requirements of that State.
  • Coordinate with the Gainwell clinical pharmacy team on who and what DUR reports are being presented, drug classes being reviewed, PDL and PA recommendations being made, and cost analysis reports being generated for review.
  • Serve as the coordinator at each meeting and assisting the P&T Committee and DUR Board chairs.
  • Oversee the administrative functions of each meeting including room scheduling, technical/communication resource needs, minutes, recordings, travel reimbursement forms, and any other clerical services needed.
  • Participate with the clinical pharmacy group in preparing criteria, reports, newsletters, clinical review documentation, PDL recommendations, and any other content.